Why Stainless Steel For CNC Machining Tools? – The Ultimate Guide

From last many years the value of stainless steel in many industries has increased, including sectors like automobile, aerospace, construction, marine, and many more.

Now we all are aware of that stainless steel in one of the most useful alloys which are widely used in many present industries to manufacture machining components.

However, the demand for stainless steel is just increasing in tools & machining industries also.

But wait – there is more

Why stainless steel has just increased its value in industries?

Because stainless steel provides all the benefits like high strength, durability, corrosion resistance against chemical or water, toughness, etc… which is strictly required in these industries.

In this blog, we will discuss why stainless steel used in CNC machining tools.

In today’s time, austenitic types of stainless steel grade 304 & 316 are one of the most useful machining grades and stainless steel alloy 303 is important in machining tool manufacturer industries.

In-depth on this grades, we will talk later!!

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Now let’s move on our topic!!

High stainless steel CNC machining grades:

Alloy 302:

Alloy 302 stainless steel grade is a higher version of carbon. 302 is widely known for its high corrosion resistance characteristics. There is no doubt alloy 302 is the most useful grade for CNC machining.

Alloy 303:

Grade 303 is most readily machining stainless steel grade. The high machineable nature of grade 303 is because of high preference of sulphur in steel composition. The preference for sulphur affects overall corrosion resistance & toughness of grade 303.

Alloy 304:

Grade 304 is the most versatile most widely used stainless steel grade in machining tools because it provides excellent forming & welding characteristics. 304L contained lower carbon than 304, so it doesn’t require post-weld and 304H is contain higher carbon than 304 so it has good toughness for machining tools.

Alloy 316:

Grade 316 is standard grade and most useable grade after 304. 316 has more corrosion resistance ability then grade 304 because it contains molybdenum. Also, 316 has excellent forming & welding characteristics; that’s why it’s widely used machining grade.

Also, stainless steel 400 series is widely used in machining tools manufacturing because of high corrosion resistance ability and good toughness.

It’s not done yet

Now we discuss the use of stainless steel in different machining application:


Stainless steel mostly used to manufacture shafts in different size or shape. Shafts manufacturer use stainless steel because steel provides many good characteristics like toughness, strength and good flawless finishing.

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Spacer manufacturer mostly used stainless steel to manufacture spacer because stainless steel provides strength & corrosion resistance ability.

Print Engine Components:

Stainless steel also very important to manufacture print engine components because print engine components required good corrosion resistance against chemical & inks.

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