3 Best Stainless Steel Machining Grades – The Complete List

Vishwa stainless steel Pvt. Ltd is the world’s most prominent stainless steel bars manufacturer. We manufacture different shape of stainless steel bright bars with different stainless steel grades as per industries or client requirement.

Majorly stainless steel bars are used by machining tools manufacturing company. We at Vishwa Stainless Pvt. Ltd. manufacture a special machining grades of stainless steel bars to fulfill the requirement of machining industries.

Here we briefly discuss about the “Top 3 stainless steel machining grades.”

Stainless steel grades:

  • 302
  • 303 &
  • 430F

Above 3 stainless steel grades are the 3 best stainless steel grades for machining industries.

#1. Stainless Steel Grade 302:

302 is one of the most useful stainless steel grade for machining. 302 stainless steel grade is higher version of the grade 304. 302 stainless steel grade is manufactured with high heat working and cold working for increasing hardness of stainless steel.

302 grade is the variation of 18% chromium and 8% nickel austenitic. 302 grade have more carbon than 304 so it’s provide high tensile strength for machining. Stainless steel grade 302 have good corrosion resistance ability make very useful in machining. 302 stainless steel grade is non-magnetic and hand enable by heat treatment so it’s perfect choice for making machining parts.

302 stainless steel grade used in making of washers, springs and cables. 302 is most appreciated stainless steel grade for its many good characteristics. 302 stainless steel available in different size, shape or as per clients requirement.

#2. Stainless Steel Grade 303:

Grade 303 is an alloy that in additional of 18% chromium and 8% nickels steel. Grade 303 is non-magnetic. Stainless steel grade 303 is maintaining good mechanical and corrosion resistant ability for any industrial machining parts. In 303 grade additional sulfur added to improve machinability. 303 stainless steel easily modify for any machining parts so it’s make perfect choice for making of machining equipments.

303 stainless steel has excellent toughness for any machining tool. 303 stainless steel grade useful in making of nuts, bolts, screws, gears & shafts or many other machining tool. Sulfur additions to the composition act as initiation sites for pitting corrosion. This decreases the corrosion resistance of 303 stainless steel to less than that for 304. However, Corrosion resistance remains good in mild environments.

303 grade is useful in different industries like architectural components, food processing plant, dying industry and fastener, etc..

#3. Stainless Steel Grade 430F:                            

430F grade stainless steel is the most popular grade is machining industries due to its good feed and speed. Basically, 430F stainless steel is ferritic and it’s similar to 430 with increased sulfur to improve machinability.

Major applications of grade 430F stainless steel bars are fasteners, gears, shafts, solenoids, pinions and various other equipments. We take pride as a leading stainless steel bars manufacturing company in various grades with international standards.

If you have to use stainless steel grades for manufacturing of different parts of machining then 302, 303 & 430F are most useful and best grades.

Vishwa stainless Pvt. Ltd. is are most trusted manufacturer of stainless steel bars & stainless steel bright bars from last many years. We are among the most trusted stainless steel bars manufacturers in Gujarat.

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