Stainless Steel For Food Industry – The Definitive Guide

The food industry is very demanding. When it comes to food, many governments, and their food departments provide a strict guideline that must be followed by every food processing company. While it is on the industrial level production, strength, cost-efficiency, and usability is one part of the business, while when we include edible items in production, precautions are required. The place need to be hygienic, any medium you store food or food makes contact with any equipment does not cause any reaction with the food. Like a standard metal can react with water and any other beverages and form rust that will not only contaminate the food that can create many significant problems to the consumer.

That’s why food standards exist.

To overcome this issue, stainless steel is the most preferable and most affordable candidate. Stainless steel fulfils the requirements of the industry as well as the food department too.

A metal that is corrosion resistant and does not react with food, makes it easy to use,

What about stainless steel strength?

The stainless steel used in many heavy industries. That requires straight at the top of the list. (Ex. Bridges, Construction, Aerospace, Automobiles and more )

Here are some of the properties of stainless steel that are beneficial to the food industry.

  • High-temperature resistance
  • Withstand shock and abrasion
  • Remains shiny and tough
  • Stops infection and preserves freshness in food items
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Preventing bacterial infections
  • small dents and scratch-proof
  • Suitable for handling food items containing acidic, color.
  • Maintain cryogenic properties
  • Withstand chemicals or other detergents without washdown
  • Not easily crack or break

Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steel is a metal that is high resistance to corrosion. Chromium is behind this magnificent property of stainless steel. Chromium reacts with oxygen and creates an active layer that is corrosion resistance. Some good examples are stainless steel grades like 304 and 316.

High in strength and low in maintenance

When intensity is required, stainless steel is one that most people trust. From Big- Bridges, skyscraper building, vehicles, army equipment, you will find stainless steel everywhere when it’s related to strength. The food industry is not an exception. Containers, hoppers, storing tanks, transportation containers, beverage, and food packaging (soda and food cans) machines are made with stainless steel.

Work in High and Low Temperature

Stainless steel manufactured on a very high temperature that melts the metal. Until now, there is not any hot food item that can melt stainless steel. Stainless steel can stand from room temperature to 1600°F. and at the same time, stainless steel can be used in -148°F used to store liquid gases that are very cold.

Food Grade Stainless Steel

While all the above properties are for stainless steel, some stainless steel grades are classified as food grade.
Which includes grades like 304, 316, and 430.

Stainless steel grade 304

Grade 304 is a widespread austenitic stainless steel use majorly in many Industries. It contains a high percentage of nickel between 8% to 10.5%. and chromium at 18% to 20% and other alloying elements which include manganese, silicon, and carbon. A high amount of chromium and nickel makes it corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel grade 316

While most of the components are same in grades 304 and 316. The major difference is grade 316 has 2% to 3% of molybdenum. That makes it more usable in the marine environment.

Stainless steel grade 430

This grade is also known as stainless steel type 1.4016. It contains 0% to 0.08% of carbon, 16% to 18% Chromium 0% to 1% of Manganese and Silicon that makes it best to deal with nitric acid.

Application of Stainless Steel in Food Industry:

  • Pasteurizer
  • Slicer
  • Separator
  • Containers
  • Mixing Tank
  • Heat-Exchanger
  • Storage Tanks
  • Transportation Tanker
  • Cans
  • Valve
  • Pumps
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Knives and Spoons
  • Dishes
  • Industrial Coolers and Dishwashers
  • Food Packaging ( Containers, Cans, Tubes )

Stainless Steel Grades and Application Overview

GradeStainless Steel Type
304 AusteniticMachinery Parts, Dishes, Bowls, Pipes (corrosion Resistance Greater Than Grade 420 )
316 AusteniticUsed where cleaning requires frequently and food that that can create corrosion. Ex. Meat Processing Plant
420 MartensiticUsed in slicer, knives, spoons, and folks.
430 Ferritic For tables and food buffer line. Ex. Vegitables Processing Plant
1.4539 AusteniticUsed in a salty environment. Ex. Pickle cans
1.4462 Duplex Used in salty environment where sequpments have some stress and lots of movements are require. Ex. cans and Machinery

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