Why To Use 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Bars? – Applications & Uses

As we all know, stainless steel is one of the most used metal all around the world.

To manufacture a small size of a pin to the big size of aircraft or ship stainless steel is one of the essential metal used in manufacturing these things.

The only reason to use stainless steel is that it provides all the major benefits to manufacture aircraft, ships or even small size of a pin.

From the recent report, we get some shocking numbers of stainless steel. In 2018 93.69 billion US dollar used to purchase stainless steel worldwide.

Yes, you read that right!!

Also, Stainless steel is recyclable material, so manufacturing industries reuse stainless steel in the manufacturing process.

Do you want to learn more about stainless steel?

If yes let’s start

In today’s topic, we are discussing one of the most useful grades of stainless steel – 17 – 4 ph


●    17-4 ph stainless steel bars

●    17-4 ph stainless steel properties

●    17-4 ph stainless steel chemical composition

●    17-4 ph stainless steel temperature range

●    17-4 ph applications & uses

17-4 ph Stainless Steel Bars:

17-4 ph is martensitic precipitation hardening stainless steel, which is widely used ss grade for different industrial application because it has a valuable combination of excellent strength & hardness with unmatchable corrosion resistance ability among all ss grades with different heat treatment temperature make 17-4 ph an outstanding choice among the other different grades. 17-4 ph a unique combination of properties makes this alloy an effective solution to many design and production problems.

At Vishwa Stainless Pvt. Ltd. 17-4 ss bar are available in different shape.

●    17-4 ph stainless steel round bars

●    17-4 ph stainless steel hex bars &

●    17-4 ph stainless steel square bars

17-4 ph stainless steel specification:

●    ASME: SA564, SA693, SA705, Type 630

●    AMS: 5604, 5622, 5643, 5825

●    ASTM: A564, A693, A705, Type 360

●    UNS: S17400

●    W. Nr./EN: 1.4548

17-4 ph Stainless Steel properties:

Physical Properties:

●    Melting Range: 2560-2625°F (1404-1440°C)

●    Density: 0.2820 lb/in³

Mechanical Properties:

Type 17-4PH stainless steel has excellent mechanical properties. For applications requiring high strength and hardness as well as corrosion resistance, Type 17-4PH stainless is an outstanding choice, and it is more cost-effective than many high nickel non-ferrous alloys.

UTS (Tensile) Ksi(Mpa) .02% Yield Strength Ksi(Mpa) Elongation % in 2″ (51mm) Hardness Rockwell
160                        (1103) 145                       (1000) 5 35

17-4 ph stainless steel chemical composition:

  Cr Mn Si Ni P S C CU Cb+Ta
Min 15 3 3 0.15
Max 17.5 1 1 5 0.04 0.03 0.07 3.5 0.45

Resistance to Corrosion:

Type 17-4 PH stainless steel has excellent resistance. It withstands corrosive attacks better than any of the standard hardenable stainless steels and is comparable to Type 304 in most media. This has been tested in a wide variety of corrosive conditions in the petrochemical, petroleum, paper, dairy, and food processing industries, and applications such as boat shafting.

17-4 ph stainless steel temperature range:

Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion:

Temperature Range Coefficients
°C °F μm/m·°C in/in/°F·106
21-93 70-200 10.8 6
21-204 70-400 10.8 6
21-316 70-600 11.2 6.2
21-427 70-800 11.2 6.3

Thermal Conductivity:

Temperature Range
°C °F W/m·K Btu/(hr/ft²/in/°F)
149 300 17.9 124
260 500 19.5 135
460 860 22.5 156
482 900 22.6 157

Specific Heat:

Temperature Range
°C °F J/gg·K Btu/lb/°F
0-100 32-212 460 0.11

It’s not over yet,

Now let’s discuss about applications and uses of ss 17-4 ph.


Aerospace industries:

17-4 ph provides excellent stress corrosion resistance ability and high tensile strength. these benefits are very important because airplane parts & components or other aerospace equipment has to work in a different environment or temperature so having good corrosion resistance ability and high strength is very important.

Paper & pulp industry:

Paper & pulp industry need a stainless steel grade with good corrosion resistance ability and durable to work in the toughest condition. So, stainless steel grade 17-4 ph is a good choice for the paper & pulp industry.

Paper & pulp industry has to work with water & chemicals so these industries need good corrosion resistance ability in stainless steel grade.

Food processing plant:

17-4 is the first choice for any food processing industry to manufacture equipment because 17-4 ph stainless steel grade has good corrosion resistance ability and excellent toughness so it’s a perfect choice for any food processing industry.

Nuclear industry:

Yes, every nuclear industry has to use stainless steel. In every nuclear power plant, they have to work with fuel, water, and chemicals to generate power.

So they have to use a 17-4 ph stainless steel grade because 17-4 ph provides good corrosion resistance ability & excellent toughness.

Pump & Motor Shafts:

17-4 ph is an excellent choice to manufacture different parts pumps & motors because it provides high strength & toughness with excellent corrosion resistance ability.

Last but not least:


  •  Excellent resistance to corrosion
  •  Provide toughness in both base metals and welds.
  •  Well suited to applications that require ease of fabrication and then the addition of strength/hardness for improved reliability

Vishwa Stainless Pvt. Ltd. is India’s most trusted manufacturer of stainless steel bright bars. We have more than 20+ years of experience to manufacture stainless steel bars in different shapes or grade for different industrial applications. For any special requirements feel free to contact us at sales@vishwastainless.com

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