5 Qualities Of Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) Bars


Stainless steel uses are widespread. Heavy engineering equipment such as motors, shafts, and pump components are no exception. All these machineries are crucial parts that need to be sturdy and reliable for smooth performance.

The pump mechanism demands high quality, accuracy, and durability under extreme working environments. So do the pump shafts.

The pump shaft is the central component of a pump rotor that connects the motor to the impeller. It plays an important role in stimulating the pump functionality.

Hence, these shafts are manufactured using pump shaft quality bars for stable and high-performing pumping systems.

Read more to learn about the top qualities of Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) Bars that make it a preferred choice for shaft manufacturing.

What Are Pump Shaft Quality Bars?

Pump Shaft Quality Bars are a type of stainless steel bars widely used in shaft manufacturing. PSQ bars are manufactured following the highest quality standards to meet the demanding pumping application requirements.

Due to tighter diameter tolerances, superior surface finish, dimensional stability, and reduced wear and tear, these bars are preferred in various applications.

PSQ bars offer excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and toughness, making them ideal for high-performance pumping applications.

Other than the above qualities, pump shaft bars have a yield of 75 KSI (kilopound per square inch) and tensile strength of 100 KSI.

They can sustain excessive stresses at high rotational speeds and are useful in applications that require great loads and rapid velocity.

5 Qualities Of Pump Shaft Bars

  • High Strength and Durability:

Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) bars are manufactured to strict quality standards with a minimum yield of 75 KSI and tensile strength of at least 100 KSI, ensuring high strength, toughness, and durability. They can withstand high loads, stresses, and corrosive environments, making them ideal materials for pump shafts, couplings, and other critical pump components.

  • High Degree Of Straightness:

PSQ bars are manufactured with a degree of straightness that minimizes vibrations even when rotating at high speeds. The vibration tolerance in PSQ bars is 0.005 TIR (total indicator run-out) in the first 3 ft. of the shaft and 0.0015 TIR at each foot after it.

  • Diametrical Tolerances:

The diameter of PSQ bars is ground to the exact circumference of the pump to reverse any movements while rotating and exerting consistent pressure on their respective fluids. These bars maintain precise surface finish and dimensions throughout their length to work in synergy with the entire system.

  • Vibrations:

PSQ bars require a very tight degree of straightness to minimize harmful vibrations within the shaft and equipment. Variances cannot exceed 0.0005” in the first three feet of the shaft and 0.0015” for each foot over the first three. This specification minimizes damage and harmful vibrations within the shaft and equipment.

  • Shipping:

Handling and shipping PSQ bars require careful consideration, with a special focus on packaging to achieve customer satisfaction. Careful packaging, such as wooden boxes and cardboard tubing, should be used upon delivery and shipping to protect the critical nature of pump shafts from damaging factors.

Applications of Pump Shaft Quality Bar (PSQ)

Common uses of Pump Shaft Bar:

  • Mining
  • Industrial Pumps
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Mechanical Industry

Concluding Note

PSQ bars in India are in high demand due to their unique qualities and properties.

Vishwa Stainless Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Pump Shaft Bars in India . We manufacture top-quality pump shaft bars with exceptional qualities like high vibration and diameter tolerance, superior strength, customization, uniform structure, and great straightness.

If you are looking for durable pump shaft bars for your applications, connect with our experts to discuss the product requirements today.

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