Stainless Steel Dowel Bars

Vishwa Stainless Pvt. Ltd. specializes in manufacturing Dowel Bars.

Vishwa Stainless Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier of Premium quality of Dowel Bars. We use the latest technology to provide the best stainless steel bars of precise accuracy.

We are equipped with modern technology to provide customized solutions to the client and to supply steel products as per industry specifications and dimensions.

Dowel bars can perform very well in minus degrees of temperature and it is the best alternative to TMT bars. In many European countries like Germany, France, UK and Gulf countries these bars are vastly used and in demand. Vishwa Stainless Pvt. Ltd. is known for its standards and quality products. We are a trusted manufacturer who is dedicated to satisfying all the needs of the client.

Specifications for Dowel Bars:-

Dowel Bars are made of stainless steel. Our Dowel Bars have a grade of 316/316L with a size of 10mm to 40mm, Standard- BS 6744, Certification ISO9001. The length of the bar is 100mm to 1000 mm.

  • Excellent Performance
  • Higher precision & accuracy
  • Superior performance in minus degree temperature against MS material
  • Higher Durability
  • 100% purity level
  • Significant resistance to Corrosion & Chemical
  • Unaffected to the external environment

  • Application:
  • Construction
  • concrete Reinforcements
  • Pavement
  • Automotive Parts
  • Agricultural Tools

  • Product Name Stainless Steel Dowel Bar
    Material Stainless Steel
    Standard BS 6744
    Grade 316/316L
    Diameter 10mm - 40mm
    Length 100mm - 1000mm

    Vishwa Stainless Pvt. Ltd. In known for high Quality Products with International standards of manufacturing. For any requirement or query call us today! +91-72111 24478

    We manufacture export quality stainless steel dowel bars and supply our ss dowel bars in Australia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Turkey, UK, USA, Canada, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Mexico, Bangladesh etc.

    Solution Providers For Stainless Steel Bars Across World.
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